Architectural 3D Interior Rendering is an invaluable tool when it comes to commercial design presentations. The renders you see feature a luxurious hotel room. The task of 3D Artist was to show all the functions and style of the interior with 3ds max tools.

The room must please the visitors who want to relax and escape the everyday routine. And that 3D interior design is perfect for the task! Looking at each architectural rendering, the spectator immediately sees its potential – the vibe of lux that makes one forget all about the mundane, and coziness. These were the unique features that 3D Artist kept in mind when creating the renderings.

The space is elongated, so each interior render depicts one particular zone. Let’s start with the most bright part – the one with these swoon-worthy purple armchairs.

In the first architectural 3D interior rendering you can see the statement armchairs we just mentioned and a tiny side table. On its top, there’s an elegant vase with white tulips which add more freshness to the refined 3D render.

What strikes the most is the boldness of colors and textures of the interior, and how they interact with light. The color-blocking of purple armchairs against the blue walls is exquisitely festive. The wooden flooring softens its effect, while black-and-white wall and rug add more drama.

As for the fireplace wall, it looks divine. You can see in the Architectural 3D Interior Rendering how chic this black marble material looks, especially with the geometric statement mirror. The convexity of the piece echoes the protrusion of the wall and adds some supernatural volume to it. The designer picked the decor masterfully!

Another important thing in the interior – there are two glass tables at each side of the wall. The choice of vanishing furniture totally pays off: it makes for an airy look and keeps attention on the incredible marble surface and the fire.

The lighting system in this 3D interior is immensely rich. It highlights the coziness of the fluffy rug, cold sleekness of the marble and softness of the wood. To achieve that effect, Designer provided the room with:

  • ambient lighting emit by chandeliers and spot lighting
  • accent lighting with wall-mounted lamps and chandeliers

All lights are on – to show how the room in the Architectural 3D Interior Rendering will look when used by clients. As you see, an excellent 3D Artist and V-Ray plug-in for 3ds max can do extraordinary light magic!

Let’s turn our attention now to the second zone of the hotel room – the one with gray sofa.

With it soft color, cushions and flowy lines it invites to relax, take a seat and watch some TV. The table looking like an ottoman adds to the tranquility of the atmosphere. Its decor is reserved, and volume and roundness of the pieces contrasts pleasantly with the straight lines of the carpet geometry.

This set of 3D renderings offers a pleasant image. It helped the viewers visualize all aspects of design with its general and detailed views. Moreover, the photorealistic textures bathed in the evening light help imagine his clients benefiting from its comfort.

As you can see, Architectural 3D Interior Rendering represents the projects with precision, photorealism and advertising appeal that customers appreciate so much. To get a 3ds max rendering services of such quality, contact ArchiCGI. We’ll turn your project into a story that’ll set your Presentation apart!