These architectural 3D renders for a Kitchen Design look very sleek and minimalistic. The proprietor of the restaurant asked our designer for a practical and impactful look. For this reason, the artist chose a stylish and rare contrasting color palette.

To begin with, the right choice of the layout saved a lot of space. By separating the stove from the sink, designer gave the cooks the opportunity to move around freely and do more operations at once. This way, you can see on this architectural 3D render that right design choices can save you time!

As you can see on this architectural 3D render, simplicity of lines and forms contributes to a strict and ordered atmosphere. There is no other place like restaurant kitchen to value hierarchy and discipline, so this is exactly the feeling our client was going for. Black working surfaces along with shining marble of the floors look sumptuous and seem to say: “ Make no mistake, we take our work seriously”.

Pale gray walls and the ceiling you see on this architectural 3D render create the illusion of more light in the room. To avoid making the kitchen look dull, the hidden built-in wall storage is made in black. That contrast accentuates the interior design of the kitchen. As well as that, it even makes it look stricter and edgier.

Moreover, the storage shelves are made from shining metal. It enriches the textures of the interior. Besides, it matches the color of the kitchen equipment, namely ovens. Set against the strictness of the general space outlook on this architectural 3D render, all metal pieces look like decorations.

Furthermore, designer livened up the design with some greenery. This is supposed to be a sort of oasis for eyes, a corner of serenity. However, designer wanted it to look a little edgier, to blend in with the rest of the room. To achieve it, he put the pots with plants on a sort of minimalist installation you can spot on this architectural 3D render on the right.

If you feel inspired by functionality and beauty of the restaurant kitchen on this architectural 3D render, contact ArchiCGI rendering company. We will create an impactful and practical interior design that will meet all your needs.

We wish you most spectacular and practical interior designs!