The kitchen you see on the architectural rendering is an embodiment of modern comfort and coziness. It was created for a family of three, all of them very active and dynamic people. They wanted to make it a place for comfortable cooking, family meals and friends gathering. This way, the space should serve as a kitchen and a dining room.

The first task designer needed to fulfill is to optimize the space. Obviously, no room can be comfortable when it’s cluttered. When talking about multi-purpose spaces, like this one, that’s always a challenge.

First of all, the kitchen on the architectural rendering you see presents a good example of using the wall space to the maximum. Roomy cabinets can fit in basically any amount of kitchen appliances, and even some magazines! A smart decision, actually. Imagine you have a guest, and he or she is sitting while you cook and brew some delicious tea. To keep your guest busy, you can always offer him something interesting to read. That can be a welcome distraction, and might feed the conversation afterwards. Besides, open shelving for them clearly states that the space can serve as a living room too.

As you can see on this architectural rendering, the room is square-shaped, and quite spacious too. It therefore made perfect sense to choose an island layout for it. And the island itself is an artwork! Both in comfort and beauty. It serves as a working surface, kitchen stove, includes both dining a coffee tables.

As for the color palette of this architectural rendering, it’s reserved and rich at the same time. White and gray colors dominate the kitchen, with splashes of color on the imposing wood textures. Occasional spots of black add more sophistication.

However designer used not only practical space-saving tools. Much more than that. He aspired to give the room the feeling of freedom and lightness you see on the architectural rendering. To achieve that, he used all kinds of visual tricks. For instance, if we look at the horizontal surfaces, we will see that square shapes dominates the look. Smart choice, for it repeats the actual shape of the room and therefore  expands it. Looking at the walls, it is obvious that it consists of rectangular items. This way, the ceiling seems to look higher.

Moreover, as you can see on the architectural rendering, the furniture surfaces make the room shimmer. It reflects the light, increasing its brightness many times. Low pendant lights are one of the focal points on the rendering. Besides from being stylish, they complement the island composition and make it look more edited.

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