Architectural rendering for Zoyee project shows a dramatic interior, full of character and color. Photoreal imagery allowed Designer to explain all the bedroom’s features and advantages, and get an easy approval.

To begin with, architectural rendering gives a clear understanding of the lighting design in the bedroom. The general lighting is provided by an elegant chandelier, while for the evening read there is a pretty floor lamp, situated by the chair. As well as that, a smaller night light on the bedside drawer promises a soothing evening illumination.

Moreover, architectural rendering showcases the beauty of bold yet romantic color and material choices. Owing to the photorealistic textures, the future homeowners didn’t have to imagine the impact based on sketches and samples – they were able to see the it. Naturally, they fell in love with the interior. Most notably, with the fabulous print that ornates the chair’s upholstery, cushions and the carpet, its red flowers echoing the color of the accent wall. The latter boasts a beautiful geometric pattern adding depth to the space. Meanwhile, the rest of the room is in impeccable white, which balances out the overall effect.

Another thing architectural rendering offers is a possibility to show the atmosphere. Apart from making the cg render realistic, our 3D Artists filled it with life. These slightly ruffled pillows, fancy books and decor suggest that the room is lived in. And the red rose lying on the book brought a smile to the homeowners – obviously a nod to the refined style of the interior.

Sure, Designer could not take pictures of an unbuilt project. But who cares when there’s architectural rendering? The cgi for Zoyee project allowed our client to conduct a convincing presentation and show a comfy place for sleep and rest. Want your projects to reach the new level of persuasion? Then contact ArchiCGI and order 3D rendering services to enrich your presentations!