Architectural renderings show client the exact image he will see every day when coming home. He appreciates how perfectly the building fits into the landscape and easily pictures how the friends will be impressed at a housewarming party. Then, he imagines himself on the soft cozy sofa having a delicious family breakfast in the morning and chatting without a care in the world… And it’s not just the photoreal image any more – but a lifestyle story. Could sketches and drawings achieve the same effect? No way. But computer-generated imagery can!

So our client, a prominent Architect, got architectural renderings for his splendid design. Looking at it, his audience was amazed. For the project has everything a happy family needs: a swimming pool, terrace for relaxation, outdoor fancy dinner area, parking space, fresh greenery. The house itself looks cozy, and the amazing wall-to-ceiling windows enable its owners to fully benefit from the sweeping views. What a spectacular and comfortable place to live in! Naturally, the architectural project was approved.

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