Architectural visualization project for Chicago dance studio involved creation of photoreal 3D renders for presentation. So our task was to convey all the benefits of the commercial design, so that business owners see everything it has to offer during the first 5 seconds.

Dance school is not just about sport achievements. Its primary task is to promote grace and beauty, and that defined the atmosphere of this Chicago architectural rendering project. Delicate neutral colors, soft lines and evening lighting make for a reserved and elegant look. Refined decor adds an artistic touch to the space, while comfy upholstered chairs make the room extremely cozy. And the wardrobe zone with makeup corner is wonderful! It will really speak to a young ladies.

Architectural visualization allowed to present a photoreal picture of the whole concept. Using the best 3D rendering software, our 3D Artists made materials look strikingly appealing, with velvety chairs screaming comfort and softness, and lacquer table so chic and shiny. Soft nuanced lighting plays beautifully on its surface, which our specialists achieve using Vray plugin and their unbeatable skills.

Professional architectural visualization helped Chicago dance studio owners realise that this design, while practical and graceful, is a marketing tool in itself. Confronted with photoreal interior renderings, they saw that any girl coming in will instantly want to be part of this beautiful artistic world. She will envision herself coming for everyday routine, and feel it will be a pleasant and memorable experience.

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