Architectural render is a key for presenting exterior design projects on a whole new level of realism. Daylight or night light, with a lively street or nature on the background, photorealistic or not — 3D visualization can bring all of the architects’ ideas to life.

Architectural 3D renders allow to easily change scenes and tweak lighting. In our case, the exterior designer wanted to show his project in the evening light. It helped his clients to examine all details of the building complex very clearly but appreciate its illumination at the same time. Hence, the twilight background light combined these two purposes in the one 3D architectural render.

The other advantage of this realistic cgi render is the integration of the building complex in a lively environment. In the architectural rendering above viewers can notice people on the background — some of them are working inside the business center, walking or riding a skateboard outside. Such surroundings made the exterior design look photorealistic which impressed the Architect’s client.

ArchiCGI architectural 3D visualization company provides professional 3D renders for project presentations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your exterior design project as extraordinary as you can imagine.