This bathroom 3D render for New York apartment project looks dramatic and shining.

The strictness of the colour choices is compensated with a spectacular richness and glossiness of textures. Looking at this 3D render, one might think of some chic black-and-white movie and hear jazz music playing.

First of all, a huge bath is in the centre of the composition. Furthermore, it stands next to a massive window, which lets in a lot of light playing on the smooth shiny surfaces. Finally, a full-length mirror reflecting it increases the effect of luminosity many times, making the scene sublime.

Looking more closely, we can see that the black mosaic wall is something of a composition in itself. Most noteworthy, everything is perfectly symmetrical here. And at the center of it is an opaque bathroom sink. One cannot miss how its reserved color and strict shape contrasts with the enchanting light spectacle around. Moreover, this “sink-and-mirror” composition is situated in a dark niche framed with white marble, which emphasizes it and makes it look like a throne.

One more eye-catching detail – a white shelf across the wall, which is both functional and stylish. It visually balances the design of the wall and stores all kinds of useful things – such as towels, white decorative vessels, which are an important part of this aesthetics system.

The soft gray of the tiles on the wall accentuates the pure whiteness of bathroom equipment and reinforces the richness of the colour scheme of the bathroom design. It is amazing to see how the artist manages to make it so expressive based solely on gray, black and white, without any bright accents.

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