These bedroom 3D renders photorealistically showcase not just a room but a perfect space to rest from the whole world. Our client, a brilliant Designer, wanted to show just how the bedroom he intends to create is comfortable, atmospheric and displays the owner’s personality. And it becomes clear from the renders that designer’s client is adherent to natural materials, smooth lines, soft textile and restrained colors in home interior. Is there any sketch or drawing that could reveal personal design preferences in the same way?

The bedroom 3D render allows to clearly showcase the room division into functional areas. Aside from the big soft bed there are also a work corner and a modern boudoir. Owing to 3D artists’ professional selection of сamera angles and composition, every separate functional zone as well as interior on the whole are clearly showcased in the renders. Thus, the interior can be easily viewed from different angles, giving a viewer the sense of actual presence in the room. In addition, the designer is able to visually demonstrate usage scenarios – a crucial advantage for an interior design presentation.

Apart from the smart space allocation, the designer managed to add to the coziness with the perfect combination of several hues of brown and grey and plenty of white. A good choice of color palette makes the bedroom warm and peaceful inducing to have a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city. And look how realistically artificial and natural lighting are combined in the bedroom 3D renders! The CGI with its photorealistic quality displays how a big window lets in lots of daylight while multiple table and hanging lamps allow to add light to the zone that is currently in use.

3D renders are a perfect choice for those who want to get visualization of their concepts with a much higher impact than with traditional sketches and drawings exclusively. Want to get photoreal room 3D visualization for impressive client presentations? Then contact ArchiCGI to get professional photorealistic 3D rendering services!