This bedroom 3D render was created for a project presentation to prove that smart design may turn a small room into a feast for the eyes. Thanks to photorealistic visualization the clients were able to appreciate every detail of the decor, as well as the general look of the interior. They loved the atmosphere and rewarded the designer’s efforts with the concept approval.

The high-quality render visualizes the bedroom design project with an amazing realism and highlights all the advantages of the project. The masterful depiction of the textures allows to demonstrate the visual impact of the materials the designer have chosen for walls decor – rough brick, grainy plaster, polished wood. Moreover, the bedroom render proves they combine perfectly, giving the room a special charm. The other surfaces are also imaged in the most appealing way – the fluffy carpet just invites the viewer to touch it with bare feet. By the way, notice how well its rich color of the ocean deep echoes the ultramarine shade of the blanket.

One more advantage of this bedroom 3D render is an impeccable light depiction that makes the picture look like a photo. The client can easily imagine himself waking up in the morning and feeling a gentle touch of a sunbeam. Or laying on the bed and reading a book in a mild light of the lamp. Last but not least, carefully considered cute nothings – flower vases, frames, and candlesticks make the place look even more idyllic and demonstrate how harmoniously the bedroom will look for real.

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