CAD Rendering for this incredibly stylish apartment interior was an exciting project for us. Potential of the design was obvious – we knew from the first glance at the technical assignment that whoever the clients are – they are extremely lucky.

Our client, a talented Designer, sought 3D rendering services in order to present his amazing concept. His goal was to create a place of style and extraordinary serenity, while ours, naturally was to showcase it.

Take a look at the exquisitely refined kitchen in any CAD Rendering.The most striking thing about it is the access to lots of natural light and an unparalleled view. Wouldn’t you like to come out to the transparent balcony in the morning, a mug of hot fragrant tea in hand, to dreamily look out there? Or in the evening, when the city around is full of multicolored blazing lights putting you in a festive mood? Yes, we know. So naturally, we put this feature right in the center of the very first CAD Rendering in the project.

Our 3D Artists are extremely talented people. Most of them have some artistic background, like photography or painting. So now, 3D Max and Vray are their artistic tools of expression, which shows in their work. For look how softly the natural light fills the kitchen! Not too bright – just enough for the room to feel comfortable. It gave us the opportunity to showcase local lighting with CAD rendering.

Now, let’s take a look at the bedroom. What’s the first thing that pops up in your mind when you look at this bedroom interior CAD rendering? It’s probably connected to perfection or harmony. What a great example of using an unconventional shape of the room to its advantage! Photoreal 3D Visualization showed this with great accuracy and impact. Looking at each CAD Rendering, we can see how well the honeycomb wall pattern plays with the shape of the walls. The soft color palette, the nonchalance with which the blanket is thrown and cushions are spread feel relaxing. As for the cozy corner by the window, it is a dream of any artist. Needless to say, we feel privileged to work with such designs. The client of our Designer totally liked it – which means that we won!

Want to present your design with as much style and photorealism? Contact ArchiCGI rendering company. We’ll make sure that your design looks just the way you imagined!