CG interior render for the kid’s room allowed our client to show the practical benefits of the space he had designed. Photoreal 3D visualization let the viewers appreciate the beautiful color palette, smart layout and fun decorating choices.

Thanks to CG interior render, the audience can see the colors and materials selection in photoreal quality. Which was of huge importance, since our client picked a contrast color scheme to create an exciting atmosphere in the room. So our 3D Artists filled the CG render with beautiful morning sunlight emphasizing the visual power of the solution. Moreover, they added themed decorations to the scene in order to enhance the effect. Bright toys on the floor, medals and certificates on the wall, pictures on the dresser breath life into the CG interior render. In fact, the room looks as if the child has just woken up, smiled at the warm rays of the sun and went out to get his cereals before school.

Furthermore, the CG image showcases the functionality of the interior layout. On the right side, we see a comfy space for sleeping and relaxing. There is a soft alluring bed and a large closet where the kid can keep books and toys. In the left part of the CG interior render, there is a studying area with a sunlit desktop, and even a whiteboard with diagrams. This way, the clever view choice allowed to illustrate the convenience of design, while photoreal textures and sophisticated lighting settings set the mood.

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