This CGI Bedroom Interior Design looks like a place of comfort and fun! The client asked designer for an interior that would be a good place to have a rest after working day, but at the same moment very modern and elegant.

The first thing about this interior bedroom that jumps into eyes is the wall windows. They fill the room with light and showcase a marvellous view outside the window. The clever zoning of this CGI Bedroom Interior Design is another remarkable feature. This amazing glass decoration sparkles in the sun! Besides, its amazing black pattern gives the room more character.

As for the bedroom part, the look is very serene and soothing. First of all, the chocolate brown color dominates the design. It can be seen on the floor and wall finishes, as well as on the furniture. The wooden surface of the floor gives the design more coziness. At the same time, the carpet under the table adds more vivacity to the room.

To make the bedroom look more spacious, designer added two huge mirrors on the wall. Apart from being impactful, this trick is very clever too. For it reflects not only the space of the bedroom part. More than that, it also reflects the glass wall and the space behind it. This way, the Bedroom Interior Design looks almost aerial.  

Two blue original night lights are placed on the nightstands framing the bed. This forms a nice contrast with the yellow pattern of the pillow. Furthermore, these tiny details are the spot of bright color in the room. They give a certain vibe to its reserved color palette.

The living room part of this CGI Bedroom Interior Design looks brighter and lighter. To begin with, designer covered the floor with a sunshine yellow carpet. As a result, the heart of the room looks warm and comfortable. The client strived to create the airy look, so the artist opted for the minimum of furniture. Only the necessary is included – a sofa, a lamp, a stand with a TV set, coffee table and a black sofa. Natural materials and transparent “vanishing” furniture only reinforce this feeling of space.

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