CGI for interior design presentation does the crucial impossible – shows how the project reflects the personality of a client. It’s like he was always meant to live in this room – which may be true. Wonder how? Follow us and look at the interior visualization above.

 Since the client is an avid reader, there’s a much needed comfortable environment for some quiet reading. In the morning, when there’s plenty of sunlight, he could sink into coziness of the armchair, underneath a throw blanket, with a book of his choice and some delicious hot coffee. While in the evening, thanks to the symmetrical pendant lights, reading in bed would be a pleasure too. And notice how beautifully and realistically the daylight fills the bedroom in the cgi! It brings it all together and defines the atmosphere of the interior design.

As well as that, the homeowner has a refined taste and a preference for soft warm colors. So Designer used a delightful mixture of neutrals, anchored by a gorgeous soft brown fur throw. It all looks soothing and restful, while sweeping views on the city give a dreamy effect to the look. Sophisticate decor and pictures on the wall enhances the feeling of the romance that goes throughout the house.

And Designer contrived to show that in a few minutes – owing to professional cgi for interior design. Want your projects to speak instead of you? Then contact ArchiCGI architectural rendering company for stunning photoreal images!