This cgi kitchen created by archicgi 3D rendering services is both practical and stylish. First of all, black wooden furniture with two built-in ovens contrasts beautifully with pure white walls and ceiling. Furthermore, its solid and sumptuous texture looks particularly elegant owing to the light marble structure of the table in the center of the kitchen. One cannot miss how its modern geometrical shape balances its classic design.

But there’s more to that. To fully appreciate the creativity of the designer, just look at the contrast the table forms with the chairs! Wood set against the marble, small round shapes – against a large rectangular one. One could think a supremacist painting, and in the center of a rather conservatively styled cgi kitchen.

A second look at the table reveals that it’s in fact a working surface with a built-in stove. A massive hood above it doesn’t overcast the space because of a large window in front of it. For practical reasons, the sink is situated opposite the oven. It can be very handy when cooking for a large family, for you could avoid dishes piling up in the wrong places. Furthermore, since all operational areas are exposed to daylight, this interior design is an energy-saving project.

Another things that catches the attention in this cgi kitchen is the black wooden cabinet opposite the stove. First of all, because it’s certainly spacious an can serve as a pantry. Secondly, because it curiously combines modern and conservative features. While its large dark wood structure inspires respect, white partitions inside the open shelves add an element of fun.

The youthful contrast of colours within deceptively conservative decorum looks very special. To reinforce it, designer used another decorative element – dark gray mosaic on the wall. The fact that it covers the lower part of the wall contrasting with the white surroundings only contributes to the effect.

If this cgi kitchen created by archicgi 3D rendering services inspired you, you can share your ideas with our studio. ArchiCGI visualization studio has massive experience in the field of 3D rendering services and can make your kitchen interior unique and special.