One of the things that makes this CGI visualization for kitchen design stand out is a beautiful play of textures. To begin with, the granite countertop and tabletop . It is not only incredibly practical and solid, but also looks ordered, clean and polished. Just the right look you need for a kitchen design! The marble panels on the walls add sumptuousness to the interior. Shiny golden vent hood enhances this effect.

Overall, the shapes are very simple and elegant. Most of the time, it is the texture that speaks. Shiny gleaming surfaces of kitchen cabinets look like a decorative composition framing the kitchen vent. Functionality that has a touch of royal! Moreover, two lamps not only lit the countertop, but also illuminate the vent hood, which shines like a piece of jewelry.

To add to that, the choice of wood for the furniture finish adds a note of softness.

The visualization shows how French windows let in an ocean of daylight. This way, the kitchen looks even cleaner, shinier and more spacious than it already is. Imagine getting up in the morning and going to the sunlit kitchen to make a cup of coffee and look at the stunning landscape outside. This will provide you positive emotions for all day long!

Most relevant, the functional zoning choice for the kitchen design is very clever as well. The central piece of the room -so-called island- is the dining table. Especially relevant, it might also serve as a working surface. It is even equipped with a sink, the second in the room. It comes handy for a big family. For instance, while children do their dishes after a delicious supper, mother washes some vegetables- to cook salads for guests. Moreover, the Island table has a set of drawers, where you can keep the kitchen utensils. Finally, the Island Planning for the kitchen saves a lot of space. While some members of family are having dinner, there is still space for cooking.

If you liked this CGI visualization for kitchen design and have an interesting idea in mind, please contact ArchiCGI visualization studio! We will create a one of a kind design for you.