Commercial rendering is the best way to showcase the design of the most visited place in any office – the lobby. And to convey the concept in detail and with atmosphere, authors of the project, A+Designs, contacted ArchiCGI 3D rendering company for photoreal interior visualizations.

No sketches or drawings can showcase with 100% accuracy all the benefits of Architect’s design solution. Meanwhile, commercial rendering allows to fully appreciate the layout of a space and see it through the visitor’s eyes. So in this project, one immediately appreciates these carefully chosen luxurious materials and textiles – white marble, wood and leather – which make the place look show-stopping. Imposing black sofas will turn waiting into a pleasant experience, while magazines on the stylish side tables and the view from the wall-to-ceiling windows will keep visitors busy.

Conveying such a glamorous atmosphere would be inconceivable without these extraordinarily realistic materials. Our 3D Artists use the best software for architectural and interior commercial rendering – 3D Max, and they deliver a striking realism. The way metal and marble reflect light is sublime, while leather sofas make one long to sink in their comfort.

Want your project presentation to impress the clients? Contact ArchiCGI 3D visualization company. We’ll provide your with architectural rendering services that will highlight all the benefits of your concept.