Design visualization allows to obtain photoreal product imagery for e-stores for marketing purposes – fast, with minimal effort and high impact. Just take a look at these images featuring various kinds of wall tiles. Don’t they look stunning? Best of all, 3D visualization technologies let put the product into a familiar context, which gives the picture a certain atmosphere, even a real story.

There are 16 images that show different types of tiles in a photorealistic scene. The wash basin, the tap, the vase are changeless, which allows to demonstrate the influence of the tile designs on the total look of the scene.This way, customers will compare several kinds of the product and easily pick the one that appeals them most.

The best part is that unlike photography, 3D design visualization does not require buying the wash basin and the tap, constructing 16 scenes and laying each type of tiles just to take 1 picture. All our client had to do was to provide us with the samples of the product and describe the surroundings he needed. And download photorealistic design cg renders, of course – to be used on his website and social media marketing campaign. Our 3D Artists and the top-notch 3D visualization software took care of finding the lighting that brings out the best features of the design, as well as composition and finding the perfect props.

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