Exterior Architectural Rendering you see showcases a splendid resort hotel bathed in romantic beams of light. Working on this 3D project was a real pleasure for our 3D Artists. For in addition to some exquisite technical challenges they faced, they got to work with an outstanding design. Let’s see how they coped with a project they enjoyed so much!

Normally, we would start with describing how architectural visualization highlighted the advantages of the project. But the first thing one notices in these pictures is the powerful atmosphere of peace and serenity. It emanates from every aspect – isolation of the place, its gorgeous landscapes, golden beams of the sun.

Exterior Architectural Rendering To Convey A Marketing Message

And this is the perfect mood for a resort hotel. For why do people come there in the first place? To reconnect with nature, find inspiration for forget all about the stress of enormous gloomy foggy cities. Conclusion? A good render showcases the design, but an excellent one catches a moment of life.

The important benefit of this 3D visualization is that it shows hotel exterior, but offers a view into the interior as well. And from what we can see, it’s all about space and air. Comfortable bed with bright linen and discreet white dining group is all there is. Such a nice contrast to city hotel rooms which are packed with furniture!

It’s All About The Scenery!

Of course, we should absolutely mention the wonderful panoramic windows. For how one could miss them in this exterior architectural rendering! The view is to die for. And the craftsmanship of the 3D Artist made the glass look realistic – subtle, practically invisible, but reflecting light in just the right way.

The choice of views for 3D visualizations shows how elegantly the resort hotel fits into the environment. It seems to be floating in the air, above fresh greenery and flowers, and smoothly transition into the landscape – with ivy on the wall, palms near windows and surrounding trees reflecting in glass.

A touch of excitement about the second architectural exterior rendering – a bridge over the magnificent forest. Just imagine yourself standing there, looking at all the natural treasures around and breathing the air! Quite an experience – and a competitive advantage. Which is why it was wise to include it into the 3D visualization.

Light Is Life In A 3D Image

But enough with getting ecstatic over the design and what the views offer. Take a look at the skies: isn’t the job of the 3D Artists just astonishing? Anyone familiar with art of Exterior Architectural Rendering would say that light is what defines the atmosphere. It sets the mood, gives the building a new aspect and makes materials look both realistic and attractive. And those darkish sleepy clouds fleeting from the sun are an excellent spectacle, so beautiful and relatable.

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