Exterior render for this private residence project allowed our client to make a stellar architectural presentation. Using high detailing and hyperrealism of 3D visualization, he managed to show his design exactly the way he had wanted.

In this fantastical render the private residence embodies moderation, sophistication and modernity. The house looks stunning in the sunlight, with its imposing silhouette and reserved color scheme. Furthermore, despite the fact that this amazing private residence is only an architectural concept, the render makes the viewer believe he’s looking at a photo of a real building – and it’s only waiting for him to move in.

Owing to the realistic transmission of light, colors, textures and choice of the best perspective, the exterior render for a private residence demonstrates all the attractive features of the project. Elegant geometric shapes, a gorgeous color palette including white, hues of grey, black and brown, stylish facade cladding – all that creates the effect of smart simplicity that can not but draw attention. What a nice place to come back to every evening! Looking at this exterior CG image, the Architect’s client will see himself driving home every evening and leaving it for work in the mornings – feeling pleased by the spectacle and even proud of it.

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