Exterior Rendering Project To Present A Stunning Design

Exterior rendering services allowed to showcase this beautiful exterior project in detail. The family wanted to build the house on a picturesque but uneven piece of land. So, to get approval for his gorgeous project, the Architect contacted ArchiCGI for quality 3D rendering services.

Let’s just say that the house is spectacular. Which is why our 3D Artists took great pleasure in contemplating the perfect symmetry of shapes firmly perched on the uneven ground. The facade looks incredibly strict and elegant, with its columns and total absence of adornment. To give the building exterior an edge, the Architect cleverly chose to combine various materials. Wood, stone and shiny glass bring in a modern sophistication and a certain drama.

And speaking of drama: you should totally check out the night views – it simply doesn’t get any more impactful than that. Looking at them, it’s easy to see why 3D Rendering is an art! The still images clearly show how special the building will look at night, shining like a Christmas tree. Facade lighting and outdoor floor lamps will literally turn the building into a golden jewel.

Tough for most people uneven ground is a disadvantage, the Architect sees here an opportunity for excellent views. And as the viewer can see from the exterior renderings, there is a balcony and terrace at every store. Each terrace is equipped with light white furniture and glass balustrade – to enjoy the landscape around to the full.

Another advantage – the exterior angle view shows the use of different hues of stone. The most protruding part is fair, while the rest of the building is dark. It gives additional character to the house, which is why it was extremely important to highlight it in the rendering.

It’s All About The Details

Showcasing the design via exterior rendering from every angle is smart, but enriching the presentation with a detailed view is even smarter. To let the clients see the landscape in more details, as well as appreciate the beauty of the fence, the Architect asked us to make its detailed view.

As you can see, it matches the general style of the building, with its combination of materials and symmetrically placed carefully-trimmed evergreen trees. The true master is seen in the detail! And owing to the expertise of our 3D Artists and the top-notch 3D Max software, the materials look realistic and appealing.

And we are happy to have provided the Architect with right 3D solution. He has been pleased with the way the project turned out – and, quite predictably, got the exterior project approved. Which we knew from the very beginning!

Would you like your architectural design to look just as mesmerizing as this one? Then contact ArchiCGI architectural rendering company. Our 3D team will be happy to turn your presentation into an unforgettable tour!