Exterior renders for commercial buildings help visualize a project clearly and in its natural environment. In our case, the architect needed to showcase the benefits of the modern office center design he had created for an eminent commercial firm. For this reason, he decided to get the most persuasive argument for the architectural presentation and ordered 3D exterior renders from ArchiCGI.

The CG images perfectly convey the strict elegance of the exterior. Straight horizontal and vertical lines create the disciplining feel of order, while stylish black side parts of the building add splendor to the view. Photorealistic exterior renders clearly show all these aspects owing to high-quality textures and carefully elaborated details. The office building seems real and ready for use, with all its advantages in the limelight.

Furthermore, while drawings show the functional characteristics of the project, 3D exterior renders have one indisputable advantage. They illustrate how the building fits into the environment. Which makes the project look like something real that has its actual place. The office center stands in the lively surroundings as carefree people are walking here and luxurious cars are parked around. Also, notice what impact the work with colors and light has on the mood of the images. Fresh greenery and gentle sunshine create a delightful atmosphere. All in all, exterior renders with photorealistic surroundings make a real asset for the architectural presentation.

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