High-quality 3D rendering for a living room is a valuable asset to enhance a house design project presentation. The interior cg rendering helped the Designer to impress his clients and get the green light for creating an elegant living room interior in reality.

The camera position and angle for this rendering were chosen for the full demonstration of the living room space which also includes a dining area and a kitchen. Even though it’s only one shot, the high-quality rendering captures the Designer’s zoning idea into one frame. Clients could notice the details of relaxing and dining zone, and even take a look at the stairs to the second floor – the general view allows to see the whole living room space.

The high-quality 3D rendering for a living room depicts the inviting ambiance of this room with the help of set lighting scenarios. Natural daylight is the main source of lighting which makes the living room colors softer. There are some artificial lighting sources in the form of spotlights that create bright elements in the high-quality 3D rendering. This organic lighting tone of the cg image makes the living room look comfortable and homey.

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