High Quality Architectural Renderings you see showcase a stunning kitchen in gray. What the designer wanted to achieve is the feeling of home and romance. His task was to create a place where family memories can be made and all the troubles of the day – forgotten.

To begin with, the room lacked natural light because of the windows location. So, designer went for silvery grays and white in the finishings. Moreover, to visually expand the space and increase the lighting, designer chose mirror incuts in the wall above work surface. Looking at these High Quality Architectural Renderings, it is also obvious how advantageous is the wood flooring. It makes the look even lighter and more organic.

As well as that, these High Quality Architectural Renderings feature a good example of some space-saving solutions. For instance, the island layout of the kitchen is extremely beneficial for its rectangular shape. This particular feature allows to combine two rooms together – a dining room and a kitchen.

To add to this, High Quality Architectural Renderings showcase another tool for saving space – multipurpose furniture. Let’s take a look at the kitchen island, for example. It contains a sink, dishwasher and a lot of storage for kitchen appliances. Moreover, as you can see on the renderings, it presents four seating places. One can easily read there or have a snack. Or both, if that suits you.

As for the general look of the kitchen, we can easily say it’s both modern and sumptuous. A rare combination, and extremely well pulled out by designer. For the space on the renderings looks well-edited and sleek, but at the same time very sophisticated. Smart decoration choices contribute to this. For instance, the back splash you see on the renderings. It is made to look as if there used to be a fireplace. That gives an old chic feel to the look. Now, its classic beautiful frame is one of the focal points.

Another point worth your attention is magnificent wall windows. First of all, they fill the room with natural light and liven up the colors. Secondly, they are incredibly stylish. Due to their design and beautiful molding, there is an old French feeling about them . In other words, these architectural tricks look very romantic and chic. The space you see on these architectural renderings tells a story. It resembles a restored and modernized mansion kitchen. However, some pieces of the past remained untouched, like the fireplace and moldings. How mysterious and refined!

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