High-quality CG render is a powerful tool to show the design idea to the clients and impress them. This bird-eye view was created for living room project presentation and helped the designer to convey the atmosphere of the interior to its future owners.

This render highlights all the benefits of the project showing how stylish and functionable the room will be. Light beige and deep brown colors combination makes it look luxurious and noble. Thanks to the well-chosen angle, the viewers may appreciate the smart furniture disposition and admire a jaw-dropping carpet ornament that fits the color palette of the interior perfectly and adds a special touch to the design.

The most striking thing about this CG render is the breathtaking realism with which it depicts the space. All the shapes and textures are imaged so masterfully the customers can easily imagine themselves with their family and friends sitting on wide sofas near the fireplace. Thoughtful details depiction makes the high-quality CG picture even more vivid – the candlesticks, the flowers, the firewoods in the chimney seem to wait for their owners to return home.

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