The given interior design by 3D rendering services kitchen project view looks extremely elegant and sophisticated.

To begin with, kitchen cabinets are in sort of retro blue which is very romantic and homy. Besides,it forms a harmonious yet unusual combination with soft pale rose coloring of the wall.

This sweet retro nostalgia dominates the design rendering: you could instantly see that it is created for happiness and good memories. If you didn’t feel this yet, all you have to do is to look at the special space for the cat. This detail is both touching and stylish. First, your pet is on its legitimate place at the family reunions in the kitchen and oversees the cooking. Second, he does it with style – on a comfortable gray cushion matching the design of the whole kitchen project!

The picture is reinforced by the table in the center of the kitchen interior. Its unique point is that it combines working surface with a small dining area for two people. And with great elegance, too! For the its wooden texture, along with canvas armchair besides it and the above-mentioned blue sahde form an exquisite picture. As for the practical side, it proves that this kitchen interior project is designed for family comfort. While someone is cooking breakfast, the rest of family can sit in front of him and entertain with conversations.

Another advantage of this interior design is that the space is very well-used. Besides from a highly functional table, the designer added a lot of drawers and cupboards where you can store lots of china, crockery, cutlery, products. And there will still be space for books and linen, if you need it.

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