Once again, the Island type proves to be an excellent choice for a spacious room!

Dining table is the central piece of these interior design 3D for kitchen ideas. Three people can sit there, and it also has some practical drawers. This is an especially welcome criteria for the kitchen, for we always lack storage space there! Kitchen utensils will fit in just nicely. Most relevant, it contributes to a functional interior.

Multi-layered lighting system compensates for lack of natural light in the kitchen interior. As you can see, the only light source is a tiny window above the sink. And yet, the room is full of light! Additionally, the glass fronted cabinets have additional internal lighting. It is both decorative and practical!

The effect is enhanced by the cold light colors dominating the spectrum of the interior design. However, the palette is far from being simple. We can see here pure white, light and even dark gray, as well as silver. The lightness of white wood accentuates the solid shine of metals. The rusticity of the former is enriched with the marble panels textures.

The overarching theme for interior design 3D for kitchen ideas are simplicity and elegance. It can be seen in everything – symmetrical shapes, neutral colors and even in planning of space. Speaking of the symmetry, it plays an especially important role in the design. We can see repetitive rectangular shapes carved in the wood furnitures, as well as on the cabinet knobs. The shape is reflected in the form of the vent, sink, window, as well as equipment (the oven) and floor tiling. This adds volume to the kitchen and makes the look very cohesive.

The floor is covered with tiles of a sandy color. This adds some warmth to the interior design, without clashing with the concept.

In general, the space looks very edited and curated.

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