This interior design renders for bedroom design is a perfect example of what an efficient zoning should look like.

Basically, the bedroom interior is divided into three parts: relaxation space, the bedroom itself and the cinema zone. The best part about this division is that they are separated by a great deal of space. That is, one can sit in the armchair reading before sleep, while another inhabitant can watch TV. If needed, bedroom can easily serve as a living room!

The colours the artist chose for this interior design project are warm, welcoming and homy. Most notably, when set against the pure white of the walls and the black of curtains and armchairs, they look edgy and dramatic.Furthemore, the red is splashed in bright accents against white surface of walls, furniture and linen and livens the design up. Next, the soft golden brown wood of the wardrobe and walls matches the two decorative balls hanging from the ceiling and gives it a touch of royal solemnity. A black shelf with statues balances the decorative composition. In a way, it emphasizes where the center of the room really is.

Another thing one notices about this interior design renders for bedroom project is the way the artist contrasts the textures. It emphasizes their best features and even adds another dimension to the project. For instance, the sleek wood of the walls, furniture an door interacts with black-and -white softness of the chairs and the sofa. The velvety cushions, along with the mirrors make the design both look and feel luxurious.

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