Kitchen CG image you see is a wonderful proof of the statement that high-quality 3D visualization looks just as good as a professional photography. What is more, renders are able to show the interiors that haven’t been built yet as realistically as if the viewer were inside the room.

The kitchen decorated in light tones fascinates with its cosiness and elegance. White colour of the interior design looks luxurious. It makes the room more spacious and is ideal for the experiments with textures and forms. Notice how realistically the cg render depicts different surfaces – matt parget, glossy exhaust hood, downy sofa upholstery, and polished tabletop. All the items are shown in details, so much so that we can see every brick on the walls and every leaf on the plants. It helped the designer to convey the atmosphere of the kitchen to the clients and wow them with its visual impact.

This kitchen CG image allows to demonstrate different lighting options – sunshine from the window and artificial illumination from the lamp. And just have a look at the carefully chosen minutiae: a plate of food, flowerpots, books on the shelves… This CG image creates a feeling the kitchen is inhabited and waits for its owners.

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