Lifestyle 3D render is a wonderful way to show the product in the context and get jaw-dropping imagery for visual marketing. The breathtaking image you see was created for a nightstand online advertising and print catalogs. It not only showed the piece of furniture in details but also let the clients feel a unique atmosphere the product introduced to the room.

Photorealistic render impresses with the high level of product detalization. The viewer can appreciate the beauty of the unusual design admiring every little plank on the facade. Masterful light staging in lifestyle 3D render emphasizes the relief of the surface, while thorough depiction of the textures shows the structure of natural warm-looking wood. It’s difficult to cope with the temptation to touch it!

What is more, the nightstand seems to be even more appealing thanks to the loveliness of the interior in the lifestyle 3D render. Everything in the scene complements the furniture design perfectly – the ottoman with as if by chance forgotten blanket, the original mural shining on the light, the elegant vases and the plants. And just have a look at this magnificent landscape outside the window! It will be a piece of cake for any customer to imagine an idyllic picture: he reads near the window, and when it’s time to set the book aside, the nightstand comes in handy.

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