The living room cgi you see above was created to empower a project presentation. Our client commissioned 3D rendering services to showcase the benefits of his design and give a taste of its visual impact.

The camera setting was chosen specifically to give a good view of the room layout. The angle allows to see both living and dining areas, as well as convey the sense of space. Moreover, this particular view highlights the architecture of the place – a stand-out ceiling with exposed beams, a huge triangular sliding window, total absence of walls or partitions.

Furthermore, the living room cgi showcases the lighting system of the interior. While glass doors and a huge window let in plentiful sunlight, there is a sophisticated artificial illumination system for every zone. Using cgi, Designer can show how stylish pendant lights lit the table at a dinner, and the spotlights give recessed lighting in the living zone.

To give materials and colors vibrancy, our 3D Artists switched on the secondary lighting. It adds warmth to the living room cgi, highlights soft fabrics and wood surfaces, and lends coziness to the overall atmosphere.

Another important benefit of cgi is that it immerses the viewer into the image. So our 3D Artists carefully selected smart details for the scene that made the home owners feel like this living room is perfectly real. In fact, it looks like they have just left it. Elegant tableware, vases and candles, pretty potted plants add life to the room and make the viewer feel at home.

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