It’s not enough for a room to be beautiful, comfortable and trendy. The room should be you! You must recognize your space in it, your vision of life. In this Living Room Render project, this was the primary goal of the designer.

This living room render created with ArchiCGI 3D rendering services presents a very clean, polished and fresh design. This effect of freshness is largely due to the amount of free space and a huge wall window.  Designer wanted the living room to look like the space where you can rest and breathe. You can forget your day-to-day worries, as nothing reminds you of them here. Most noteworthy, there are no computers, gadgets or TV sets. Only you and good company – looking at the landscape, wine-tasting.

The huge window we already mentioned before provides the space with a lot of natural light. Artificial lighting is presented by a system of discreet built-in bulbs, as well as an original chandelier. The latter is an attention-grabber. In the daylight, its faceted structure will send beautiful sparkles in all directions!

Another remarkable thing about this living room is a clever space zoning. In the center, we see a sort of island – a table with a set of chairs. It is placed on a carpet, which is a real statement piece. It’s of a soft worn out pink color, and has a big geometric print and black edging. The chairs match the carpet in color, and their legs are of the same deep brown the edging of the carpet is. The bottom of the legs are golden, which discreetly adds a touch of lux. Square leg table with dark gold top crowns this system.

Strict gray wall color is softened and enriched with wood-inlaid floor.  Most noteworthy, a piece of abstract painting with fluid lines gives the living room a note of refined.

If you liked this Living Room Render Project and felt inspired, share your ideas with us. ArchiCGI 3D Architectural Rendering Studio will bring your project to life and create impactful room design cgi!