This office 3D interior render translates the benefits and advantages of high-quality commercial design. Our client created an amazing concept which he wanted to present with the help of 3D visualization. Using CG imagery, he highlighted all his design solutions and conveyed the atmosphere the conference room will have at business meetings.

The camera is set in the eye-level angle, so it gives maximum exposure to space dimensions and makes it easy to imagine the real size of the room. Besides, this is the most natural view – the audience sees exactly what a visitor will when standing in the doorway. This way, our client has also shown that the first thing a newcomer will see is this breathtaking view of the city.

Furthermore, this office interior 3D render presents various lighting options developed for the space. The full-height window glazing serves as the main source of daylight that suffuses the room during the day, while ceiling LED lighting and hanging light fixtures provide plentiful evening illumination.

Another important part of this cgi project was to show how beautifully the combination of materials and colors will look once the interior is brought to life. So our 3D Artists made sure all the textures in the render are true to life and look awesome. Which is why every object, even the smallest accessory, looks strikingly realistic: smooth white chairs seats with silvery metal fixtures, dark green bottles, light wood wall panels.

Speaking of accessories, they played a major role in setting the atmosphere of a creative working environment. Laptop, notebooks, bottles and glasses seem to be waiting for employees to come in and continue the meeting after the break. This way, details helped to tell the story of the office interior design, and the render illustrated the usage scenarios.

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