Office interior CG render is a great tool to present interior design of a workplace in photorealistic quality. The architect was aware of that fact when he set a goal to showcase all the features of the fresh office space that includes several zones for productive collegial work, individual tasks and relaxing. Thus, armed with a powerful CGI image, he managed to successfully present his client an alternative architectural approach to office interior design. Truly, how can one not make an impression with such a lifelike computer-generated 3D render?

The CGI of the office interior conveys the harmonious compound of lighting, warm and soft colors and eye-catching designer touches. Unusually high ceilings, original transparent partitions, big bizarre chandeliers and decorative elements on the walls – office interior CG render showcases all the features in full splendour. Overall, the strong combination of natural and artificial light, realistic room surfaces and textures of the furniture and a good angle of view enabled the architect to highlight all the zones in the interior design he aimed to.

The rendering looks so real that it is indistinguishable from a photography. But an architectural concept can be photorealistically depicted with CGI even if it is only in the architect’s mind yet. And of course, no sketch or drawing is able to provide such an effect of realism you can see in the picture above.

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