This outsource 3D rendering kitchen project looks very clean and polished. As you can see, the zoning system is very practical. The room is divided into two parts: the kitchen and lounge zone. The floor is paved with pearl gray tiles glowing in the daylight. Pale green kitchen cabinets, along with the elegant marble panels add a touch of color to the interior of the project. This color is beautifully accentuated by a refined bright red bouquet on the worktop. On the whole, the kitchen design looks very refined and artistic.

Furthermore, wood textures in deep chocolate brown and soft beige make the kitchen interior more organic. The black chair legs contrast with the softness and coolness of the general color scheme of the rendering without clashing. Moreover, the artist uses the tiniest details to play with textures. For example, two cutting boards in front of the kitchen table have the same textures as the table and chair.

Most noteworthy, the lounge area of the rendering looks particularly refreshing. Obviously, the sliding glass wall is the center of this zone and all the furniture is placed by its side. The concept of the rendering project is to show the perfection of the simple. The lounge part reflects it marvelously. For this reason, the artist places very little furniture in the lounge area of the kitchen. We can see there a chaise longue, a hanging chair and a tiny coffee table. All pieces are of a striking, immaculate white. Just like the walls of the kitchen and the sand of the beach outdoors. To emphasize the vastness of the space in the project, designer opted for a glass chair. We can see in the rendering how it sort of vanishes in the air. Moreover, it sparkles like a crystal in the sun.

If you liked this elegant outsource 3D rendering kitchen project and have a stunning design concept on your mind – please, don’t hesitate to share it with us. ArchiCGI visualization studio will make it look professional and simply outstanding.