This outsource architectural renderings for kitchen project looks very natural, soothing and modern. The artist created an interior design which reminds us of natural surroundings – the most beneficial atmosphere for a family get-together. Having breakfast here, you almost get the feeling of being at the picnic.

First thing that catches the eye is a marvelous chandelier, which looks like a modern representation of the sun and spreads the sparks all around the kitchen. The light coming in from the windows virtually sets in on fire. Especially relevant, white-an-gray furniture makes the chocolate brown wooden walls stand out and be the most colorful and intense element of the design.

One cannot miss how the indoor plants add the atmosphere of the design some more vibrancy and vivacity. They look perfectly at home under this huge crystal sun and among wooden panel walls. Moreover, they make the kitchen project look crisper and cosier.

As for the dark gray furniture and black state-of-the-art equipment – they don’t clash at all with the whole concept of the rendering. Quite the opposite, actually! They give the interior project more volume a make it look edgier. This feeling of volume and symmetry is increased by a play of matching and complementary shapes. Under the above mentioned Sun-Chandelier we see the Earth – shiny white surface of the table, repeated by the shape of equally white working surface and reflected in the sky – suspended ceiling, pure white as well.

It is fascinating to see how the designer made even the tiny details work. Thus, the legs the table stands on are wooden, just like the construction supporting the chairs. The colour of those, by the way, is white-gray. It makes a calm transition between the brightness of white and deep darkness of gray and black of the furniture and avoids clashing.

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