Photorealistic CG image is a great solution for showcasing a sophisticated and edgy style of a living room. Our client wanted to develop the design concept that conveys a delicate taste and captivates with a sense of comfort at the same time. And as you can see, the result looks mighty powerful.

The Designer crafted a well-organized interior that embodies sophistication and traditional style. But sketches and drawings supplemented with the material samples can’t show the whole beauty of perfectly arranged furnishing, elegant textile choices and space saving solutions. Knowing that, the Designer decided to apply for 3D rendering services.

This photorealistic CG image highlights the benefits of the living room design altogether: great color and material choices, soft lighting, space roominess. Solid wood, fragile porcelain, soft textiles of velvet sofas masterly knit the living room together. Not to mention visually pleasant pillow colors that advantageously stand out in a brown-hued interior palette and brighten up the space. More so, due to the perfectly selected camera angle the viewer can appreciate the convenience of the layout – spacious enough to eat, mingle and dance! But best of all, the photorealistic CG Image allowed for the small thoughtful elements creating a pleasant comfy ambience. An opened book, teapot and flowers seem to suggest that the homeowner is about to come in a minute and sit back on a soft cozy sofa for relaxing and reading his favorite story.

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