Photorealistic living room render helped our client to demonstrate his idea of a stylish interior he created. The CG image allowed him to show the layout and lighting variations of a room, along with beautiful color and material combinations.

The 3D illustration displays the living room from the side angle and thus gives a perfect view of its layout. Space zoning divides the interior into separate relaxing and dining areas for maximum comfort. This way, the family can comfortably make use of both areas, staying in contact yet having enough space. Furthermore, CG render shows the effect of lighting combinations on the room atmosphere. The large stationary window in the relaxing area lets in the maximum amount of daylight and view of the outdoors. Owing to the open layout, the dining zone can benefit from it too. As for the evening lighting, the side wall lamp will make for a comfy evening reading. While in the dining zone, a stylish lamp above the table replaces the daylight with warm evening glow.

Moreover, the high-quality photorealistic living room render allowed to translate the impact of the color palette, material and textures selected for this incredible living room design. The 3D image features a blend of colors that give the room a fresh crisp look, ranging from plain white and dark brown to saturated green. To give the Designer work justice, 3D artists made light wood parquet, red oriental rug and artificial grass look impressively real, almost palpable.

The designer also needed to tell the usage scenarios to his clients. Looking photorealistic living room render, he was able to easily describe the pleasurable pastime the family will have there. This way, they could imagine the space to have dinners with guests and enjoy spirited conversations, relax, have family time or entertain friends, watch TV or read favorite books.

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