Professional rendering is a powerful tool for presenting furniture design for commercial venues in best light. It’s common knowledge that bars are the most profitable part of any restaurant, so it’s mandatory for the 3D visualization to showcase their 4 requirements: style, functionality, atmosphere and visual impressiveness. This professional rendering bar lifestyle project is a perfect example of what high-quality marketing images should look like.

Using 3DS Max and Vray we have created an atmospheric picture, accentuating every selling point of this bar design: the furniture piece looks comfortable to work with and stylish at the same time while vintage red bricks, shiny lacquered wood and soft warm lighting enhance the setting, creating a cozy loft mood. Professional rendering made it possible to choose the best shot without hours of adjusting light sources and moving objects to form a composition – straight to the point with just enough contextual elements for visual storytelling.

To make this amazing picture the producers didn’t need to order a photoshoot, move the product and do a ton of post-production. They just sent ArchiCGI a few references including a smartphone photo of the furniture piece, and boom – a photorealistic juicy promotional material within 24 hours of professional rendering. Want your product images to not just show, but sell the goods? Contact ArchiCGI and get photorealistic marketing materials with our 3D visualization services.