The most amazing thing about this rendering CGI for kitchen project is how chic and relaxed it looks. The designer played with contradicting materials masterfully to create such elegant and light interior design. As a result, the project conveys space, light and a lot of white!

Rendering cgi Kitchen Project

Kitchen Area

Most noteworthy, the diversity of textures is striking. Each of them is assigned to a certain level. Thus, marble is chosen for the working surface and the wall, along which the kitchen stove is placed. The marble surface makes the white cabinets look aerial, and silvery kitchen hood – simply sparkling. Furthermore, the light brown wood covering the floor gives the design a sort of romantically rustic aspect.

Looking at the rendering of this kitchen project, one cannot miss a marvelous full wall cabinet in deep brown. Its wooden texture contrasts with shiny built-in state-of-the-art equipment without clashing. The location of the oven is obviously very practical: you can control the process while chopping, slicing or doing dishes. It just doesn’t require a lot of movement.

To give the scene additional effect, designer placed above working area two transparent glass lamps. The light entering the window in front of them makes them sparkle like crystals; besides, it compliments the present textures marvelously.

Dining Room Area

Design of this part of the kitchen project looks soft and soothing. Everything is about harmony in this rendering. Amazingly, even the interior of the cabinets containing china is made to match wooden textures of the kitchen floor and the table. Moreover, shiny metal surface of the wall above sink and the working surface makes the interior design look edgier and more modern.

Looking at the impeccably white walls and the ceiling of the rendering, along with window frames and cosy armchair, one cannot help thinking about spring. And we should not miss how the abundance of light coming through windows combined with the wood gives incredible sweetness and warmth to the atmosphere!

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