3D Residential Rendering: Exterior Design For A Stylish Office Project

This exterior rendering in 3ds Max was created by ArchiCGI to help the Architect present his project with style and accuracy. As you can see in the 3D visualization, the office building is stylish and comfortable. Let’s take a closer look at its benefits and the way 3D Artist highlighted them in the Architectural Rendering.

Exterior Rendering Full Of Vibrant color

First and foremost, the building in this exterior rendering in 3ds max looks extremely stylish. It’s facade is adorned with voluminous blocks of color – black and red, positively stunning against the white background of the walls. The 3D Artist spruced it up with some greenery around – and the still image became even more vibrant.

Exterior Rendering In 3ds Max With Marvelous Irregular Shapes

And one cannot possibly omit the wonderfully balanced geometry of the facade of this exterior rendering in 3ds max. Along with delightfully bright colors, it gives the render a certain edge. Extraordinary irregular shapes are everywhere: in the building layout, color blocks, even in the windows. Yet, they are harmonious and cohesive. Looking at this exterior rendering, created in 3ds Max, it becomes clear that the building will impress the visitors and business partners.

A good Architectural Rendering: Exhaustive And Precise

Another wonderful feature of this 3D exterior rendering – it offers a really good view of the building. The office shown in the exterior rendering in 3ds Max will certainly please employees. The visualization showcases its multiple practicalities – vast territory, fun design, delightful greenery and a magnificent terrace. The latter is perfect for having good time during lunch break. All these advantages Architect can easily highlight using 3ds Max and Vray plug-in!

Light And Shadows: Rich Palette Of 3D Tools For Photorealism

To show the practical features of the exterior design, 3D Artist used a large array of tools. For instance, the composition of the visualization is impeccable. The angle of the building divides this exterior rendering created in 3ds max into two parts. The left one is dark and mysterious. The windows glow with bright warm light, and the greenery is splashed with red reflections from the hidden sunset.

The right part of the office building in the exterior rendering created with 3ds Max is lit with generous sunbeams. Windows reflect the surrounding greenery thus hiding the interior from view. This way, the owner catches the glimpse of the building at day as well as at night. What a masterful choice of view and time can achieve! Without mentioning how photoreal the 3D exterior rendering looks.

Speaking of photoreal rendering: have you noticed the shredded clouds in the sky? Along with the golden light of presumably scarlet sunset, it is a clear indicator of strong winds next day. And a proof that ArchiCGI studio takes seriously authenticity of your Architectural Renders.

Post-Production With Photoshop For Enhanced Authenticity

One more touch of photorealism – there are two employees leaving the office, and two cars. One is parked, and the other one is passing by. Looking in this exterior rendering in 3ds Max, the business owner will see what the day of the employee will be like. He’ll picture how the employee comes to the office by car, then park it nearby. During the lunch break, he’ll take his snack, a cup of fragrant coffee with brand logo and go to the terrace – to breath in fresh air and do some social networking.

Have an important Architectural Project ahead? Want to present it with all due splendor and photorealism to the business owner and investor? Contact ArchiCGI. We’ll find the best solution for you and create not just an accurate image – but a professional photo of your dream, a marketing material to impress. The Project Manager will consult you at any time – on the best 3D service, software and rendering price.

May you project success be one of a kind, and 3D Architectural Presentation – second to none!