Residential exterior rendering shows a house in all its glory — as it can be, after construction. CG artist has created this 3D visualization by architect’s request to provide him with the necessary support in the project presentation. Thanks to the render, the exterior amazed architect’s clients and he succeeded at selling the design project.

Taking aim at a densely forested area, the designer chose to add a lot of green elements by the house. They include elegant flowers and plants, and the general view is reinforced by a beautiful grass field. Thanks to how skilfully 3D artist used textures in the residential exterior rendering, we can feel this alluring atmosphere, with a gentle wind blowing through the crowns of trees and warm sun rays.

Architect’s clients owned a land by a beguiling lake as they enjoy swimming. 3D artist managed to show this feature of an area as an incredible benefit: natural view of a lake in the background of residential exterior rendering looks the way it makes a heart palpitate. Such a photorealistic environment emphasizes the advantages of exterior and gives a feeling of complete comfort and peace.

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