Rooftop architectural rendering is an effective way for a property developer to boost sales at the stage of construction. The project is far from being finished, but people already see the comfy patio in photoreal 3D visualizations on the website. They already enjoy the splendorous views from the roof. The imagery shows exactly what the rooftop terrace is going to be like, and the prospects value the project more: they know exactly how it will improve their lives. As a result, they are more determined to invest into their future.

Rooftop Architectural Rendering Kicks the Goal

Realtors often use architecture visualization to boost sales. This picture hits the nail on the head by demonstrating more than design solutions – a viewer gets a full understanding of the benefits the design brings about. To make the imagery work most persuasively, we took the best options available. Our 3D artists used the angles that showcase both the city views and the patio most effectively. They depicted evening as it’s the best time of the day to create the ambiance of relaxation and peacefulness. People in the architectural visualization were added to illustrate usage scenarios for the patio.

This rooftop visualization project is unique as it combines the indoor and outdoor customer experience. The patio is outside but makes a part of the building. It’s in the open air, but there are furniture and facilities like in a room. As our 3D artists are skilled in both interior and exterior visualization, they successfully conveyed the atmosphere of a rooftop terrace. The imagery showcases the splendor of the city views and illustrates typical uses of a patio. Placed on the website, the rooftop visualization helps the prospects understand how they will benefit from buying an apartment in the house under construction.

Making an Atmosphere of Relaxation

Everything contributes to joy and comfort on this terrace – that’s the message these architectural renderings univocally convey. A dining table with pot flowers, folding armchairs surrounding it, and a grill near at hand demonstrate that eating out without even leaving the house must be delightful. The comfortable swing chair in the corner is perfect for peaceful reading or web surfing. So are the couch on the right, the coffee table before them, and the lounge chairs nearby. In case it gets too sunny, there’s a sunshade. Those who enjoy exactly the opposite – leaning back and sunbathing can get use of the comfy chaise lounges. All details of the architectural visualization work together for promotion to be ultimately persuasive.

Our Photoshop artists gave the rooftop architectural rendering soft evening light to create the ambiance of peacefulness and relaxation. Their choice fell on evening, the time of the day when people usually gather up on the rooftop after a productive working day. Resting on the sofas and the swing chair, enjoying the landscapes and taking pictures, all of them make it obvious how useful a rooftop terrace can be. They showed the descending sun tincturing everything with warm dyes. As a result, the architectural rendering gave super powers to content marketing. The site visitors saw exactly what they were going to get and how the patio would make their lives better. This helped the property developer showcase the benefits of the design and start sales earlier and with greater effect.

Bringing Businesses and Customers Together

Exterior and interior design renderings hit the bullseye when it comes to selling a design. Need to demonstrate all of the future benefits of a property under construction? Use our architectural rendering services and get prospects and clients with photoreal 3D imagery.