Vray Architectural Rendering For A Gorgeous Living Room 3D Interior

Vray Architectural Renderings you see feature a beautiful interior design of a living room. Designer created this space for an art-lover and a person with a distinguished taste. As well as that, according to the brief, the living room often serves as a place for hosting guests and as a space for reading. In order to present his idea with photorealism and impact. Designer contacted ArchiCGI rendering services.

The task of 3D Artist was therefore to convey this refinement and practicality in each Vray Architectural Rendering. Let’s see how he proceeded to help designer present his project in 3D Max.

These interior renderings present the space at different angles, one – from the top and one – focusing on strategically important area.

The Power Of Light Or Amazing Photorealism With Vray

The living room overlooks the south and is always inundated with light. But too much light is not comfortable for reading, so the Designer decided to add dark tones and thick black curtains to block the sunlight when the Client feels like it.

Dark colors are dull? Far from it! For the Vray Architectural Rendering proves this widespread notion wrong. Just look at the first 3D Visualization. Designer masterfully introduced dark tones into the interior and created a balanced and cozy look. The color range varies from the pure white to uncompromising black, with three shades of cozy brown in between.

Expressive Textures And Patterns With 3D Max

Elegant simplicity of the decor is compensated by the richness of textures and interesting patterns. What is the first thing that attracts your attention in the 3D Architectural Visualizations? It is probably the floor. The soft brown of the herringbone flooring with its classical rich pattern sets the tone in the 3D Design.

Then, there’s a coffee table which unites two beautifully contrasting textures. You can see in the Vray Architectural Rendering how the sleek white is emphasized by the stylish stripes of the wooden part somewhat echoing the floor. Another “mutually beneficial” pairing in this Vray Architectural Visualization – the smooth brown armchairs with somewhat roughly-textured textile of the white sofa. Together, they work awesome and look comfy.

What a suitable space for sitting with friends or colleagues and discussing latest cultural news over a cup of fragrant coffee! Especially when sitting by a luxurious fake fireplace. The marble looks utterly chic in the 3D renderings, with its royal rich pattern. The former adds to the volume of the place. The paintings which took place of the fire add some color and smooth lines to the overall 3D design.

Stunning Shelf Lighting In the Vray Architectural Rendering

Another thing that catches the eye are the bookcases. Open shelving is as comfortable as it is stylish, for it turns the books into decor. And the decor placement is highlighted by some stunning shelf lighting! They add some drama to the interior in the Vray Architectural renderings.

In order to meet the needs of the Designer, 3D Artist needed to showcase the best features of the living room interior. First of all, look how delicately the light works. Vray architectural Rendering shows just how the space will look in sunlight when the curtains are open. It gently touches the glass and chrome decor, making it gleam softly. The sunlight gives life to each texture and literally make it breath. The V-Ray plugin sure gives the 3D Artist the space for creativity and photorealism!

When 3D Rendering Immerses Into The Project

Looking at each of these Vray Architectural Rendering, the Client will easily imagine himself sitting on the white comfortable sofa with some art magazines and reading in quiet. Or , perhaps, having his friends over – a group of tasteful intellectuals who love talking shop and know a stylish interior when they see it.

Want you project represented with photorealism and style? Want your beautiful concept spark emotions and reach out to the clients? Then tap into the 3D power of 3D Max Architectural Rendering – contact ArchiCGI. We’ll make sure that all benefits of your interior is clearly visible and the overall look is amazing!