Vray Rendering To Showcase A Commercial Design Interior

Vray rendering you see features a cozy restaurant interior. The task of Designer was to create a space for clients that they would remember and which would reinforce the impression produced by the delicious kitchen.

The ArchiCGI 3D rendering company had therefore to create a series of photorealistic visualizations which highlight all the beneficial features Designer came up with. Let’s take a look at how both Artists excelled at the task.

Vray Rendering Services For Conveying A Perfect Balance

The most striking thing about the design is the exquisite combination of the features that don’t normally come together. The brick wall with moldings and faux columns, concrete ceiling with classical chandeliers look like some sort of elegantly decayed luxury.

In general, the gorgeous interior is based on contrasts – of smooth and rough, light and dark, new and old. The most interesting is probably the geometrical one. For instance, the shapes of armchairs and tables alternate – a different one for a separate restaurant zone.

Looking at the Vray rendering, we can see that the color palette of 3D interior is based on warm earthy colors. It’s a perfect choice for making a large room more comfortable. Besides, the rich hue balances the atmosphere by offsetting somehow the raw materials used.

Realistic Lighting With 3ds Max For A Perfect Image

The restaurant interior in the Vray rendering will be used extensively both at day and night time. So naturally, Designer provided the space with an efficient lighting system. And since light is vital for a good rendering, ArchiCGI 3D Artist used Vray plugin for 3D Max for more photorealism and a fuller impact.