Any interior designer can relate to the challenge of communicating a concept to a client. Because most people with no background in design or architecture have a hard time reading floorplans and elevations. That’s why it’s difficult for a homeowner to understand what the finished room will look like by only looking at drawings. Especially when it comes to bathroom layouts. Complex drawings featuring all the plumbing and electricity schemes, bathroom fixtures and furniture, etc. often look like a puzzle to the clients. As a result, they can’t fully appreciate all the benefits of the design. So, many designers use realistic 3D bathroom visualization to make their project presentations clearer and easier for the homeowners to understand.

And it is not the only benefit of CGI. 3D architectural visualization can not just solve the issue of communicating ideas, but also demonstrate every aspect of the design in the best light. The truth is that with photorealistic CGI, design professionals can take their bathroom concept presentations to a whole new level. Want to know how? Read on to find out!

#1. Bathroom Visualization Allows Presenting the Benefits of the Layout

3D Render of a Beautiful Modern Bathroom

First things first, high-quality interior CGI makes a fine addition to drawings when it comes to explaining a bathroom layout. It has all the accuracy of floorplans and elevations but, unlike those, photorealistic CG visuals are easy to understand for people with no background in design.

As a result, 3D bathroom visualization allows the client to get a clear idea of the planned arrangement of items in the room. It’s a great way to highlight the ergonomics of the place and show that every square inch will be used smartly. Plus, a designer can get several views of the room showing it from different angles. This way, one can appreciate every aspect of the meticulously designed layout and see that the proposed concept is truly convenient.

#2. CGI Helps to Demonstrate the Functionality of the Bathroom

Bathroom Visualization for an Elegant Design Project

Sometimes, a designer doesn’t have a lot of bathroom space to work with. At the same time, it always needs to be a multi-use room. Some people like to have both a shower cabin and a bathtub, some like a separate vanity area, some want to have a washing machine and extra storage cabinets. And some want to have it all. In any case, the designer often has to make an effort to create a truly functional design.

Such clever solutions definitely deserve to be presented to the clients in the best light. Here, using photorealistic bathroom visualization is the most efficient way of showing the homeowner that all of their needs have been considered. Because with CGI, one can demonstrate every element of design and explain its functional use. And with interior 3D animation, it’s even possible to show the fixtures and appliances in action. This way, the client will know exactly what to expect at the end of the project and will be looking forward to having their dream bathroom design brought to life.

#3. Bathroom 3D Visualization Gives Spotlight to Finishing Materials

3D Visualization of a Bathroom Showcasing the Tilework

Going through samples of finishing materials with the client is, of course, very useful. However, it doesn’t always paint the whole picture for them. As a result, they might have doubts regarding their choice of tiles, paints, and so on throughout the whole design and implementation process. In the worst-scenario, that can lead to last-minute requests for changes in the selection of materials.

Take your design presentation to a new level with interior rendering

Photorealistic 3D bathroom visualization, on the other hand, provides a highly detailed depiction of every finishing used. It perfectly conveys the quality and the real-life look of the materials. Also, it shows how they work together as an ensemble. Furthermore, high-quality 3D interior visualization of a bathroom allows the designer to better explain such qualities of materials as durability and low maintenance need. And that, in turn, helps to justify the choice of high-end finishings and thus the cost of the project.

#4. Interior Visualization Can Serve As a Ready Shopping List

Atmospheric 3D Visualization for an Outstanding Design Project

Another benefit of bathroom CGI is that it can feature realistic 3D models of particular items from the existing brands. These can be plumbing fixtures, furniture, and accessories currently available on the market. This way, it’s possible to make a precise shopping list for a client in advance, which can save time and nerves on the following stages of the project. Actually, 3D bathroom visualization can help to plan every single purchase from a bathtub to a set of soap dispensers. Naturally, that’s a gift for both the designer and the homeowner.

#5. Photorealistic Bathroom CGI Conveys the Room’s Atmosphere

Photorealistic CGI of a Stylish Bathroom Concept

Apart from knowing all the technical aspects of the design, it’s also extremely important for the client to know what kind of atmosphere their bathroom will have. Namely, they expect it to be cozy, intimate and relaxing. To set this mood, designers use little things: the lighting, the accessories, and even the color of the towels. They choose details that perfectly and gently complement each other.

And that’s why it’s almost impossible to convey the atmosphere through a sketch or a moodboard. Because those visuals can only show bits and pieces of information, and not the full picture. But with bathroom 3D visualization, one can capture all the subtle details that shape the mood of the room in one image. This way, the homeowner will instantly know if the design feels right for them.

Those were the 5 ways interior CGI helps designers nail their project presentations. Overall, one can say that 3D bathroom visualization allows clients to get a sneak peek into the future. That helps the designer run the project smoothly, provide the best results, and send that customer experience into the stratosphere. Plus, the production of CG visuals can be completely outsourced. That’s a real cherry on top, right?

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