Best Renderings by ArchiCGI in 2020: Our Favorite Projects from the Ongoing Year

This year was a great challenge for everyone, including our studio. But looking back at all the work we did in 2020, we can say that, despite everything, it was also very productive. During this year, our 3D architectural visualization artists have accomplished many amazing projects. As a result, we helped our clients, talented architects and interior designers, bring their extraordinary concepts to life. Knowing that truly inspires us to keep doing what we do, improve our services even further, and constantly push ourselves to reach new heights. And now, we want to share that inspirational feeling. So, without further ado, let us show you our best renderings of this year!

#1. CGI for an Elegant Rural Residence in Austria

3D Render of a Dreamy Austrian Residence

Software: 3Ds Max, FStorm

The mesmerizing residence in this CG visual was designed by the Wunschhaus Architektur & Baukunst architectural studio. The design combines traditional structures and materials with ultra-modern solutions. Our CGI specialist did his best to depict all the intricate nuances of this concept by means of 3D visualization.

As a result, we can clearly see the intended contrast. On the one side, there are the modern house and the pool with strict lines and clean shapes. On the other, there are two vintage-looking mansions, a charming English garden, and the most unique element of the entire residence — a wooden aviary. In its turn, the absolute privacy of the complex makes it one’s own private luxurious dreamland.

#2. Dreamy 3D Renderings of a Stylish Contemporary House in Greece

Software: 3Ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop

The next project on our list of best renderings is this extraordinary house near the sea in Greece. There are two connected structures designed in the ultra-minimalist style. With large open spaces and glass walls, the lines between the inside and the outside blur, making the residence one with the surrounding nature. This creates an atmosphere of complete peace and serenity.

Furthermore, the mixture of natural and artificial materials adds to the sophisticated futuristic look. For instance, one can see in the renderings that there’s a lot of untreated stone and some wood together with stainless steel, glass, and textured concrete. And what really ties this other-worldly combination together is classical artworks in the interior, as well as modern statues on the open terrace.

#3. Photorealistic 3D Visualization of an Exquisite Villa by the Sea

Best Renderings: a Luxurious Seaside Residence Visualized in 3D

Software: 3Ds Max

The Mediterranean villa design in this 3D render is just magical, true love at first sight. The house comes right out of rough rocks like a delicate sculpture comes out of a piece of marble. With layers of glass walls and carved ornamental facade elements on the upper level, the place looks very light and airy. And the large floating terrace on the lower level contributes to this feel as well.

Also, one of the best things about this architectural masterpiece is that it doesn’t overpower its magnificent surroundings — lavish greenery and turquoise seawater. The house stays in complete harmony with nature, complementing the area with its presence instead of disturbing it. This makes this exquisite CG image one of the best renderings we’ve ever created.

#4. Divine-Looking 3D Render of a Church in Norway

3D Visualization of a Magnificent Church in Norway

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

Talking about large-scale exterior 3D visualization projects, we just have to begin with this one. Here, the CGI specialist wanted to show how architecture can interact with its surroundings creating striking visual effects. To do that, the 3D artist put this majestic modern church into a dreamy, slightly foggy Scandinavian landscape. And to make the scene look truly divine, he chose the angle to show the setting sun wrapping the church in its light, filling the whole picture with magical radiance. The unique atmosphere of this CG image, as well as its impeccable technical execution, make it one of our best renderings of all time.

#5. Atmospheric 3D Visualization of a Bridge in Ukraine

Photorealistic Nighttime 3D Render of a City Bridge

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This 3D render shows a busy city bridge at nighttime. In this setting, the structure looks exceptionally impressive, as it stands against the night sky, lit with numerous lights. The combination of cool and warm lighting coming from various sources creates a truly cinematic effect. Plus, the light from the buildings in the background adds to the relaxed ambiance of a city at night.

Also, the way the 3D artist visualized the traffic here is just remarkable. Even though the roads are busy, the place looks empty due to the use of the motion blur effect. This way, we can see the movement, but not the cars. So, the whole focus of this CG image is put exclusively on the bridge itself. Moreover, the movement provides a striking contrast to the sturdiness and grandiosity of the bridge. And that is, arguably, the best way one can demonstrate such a massive structure in all its glory.

#6. Captivating CGI of a Surrealistic Hotel Complex

Photorealistic CGI of a Mind-Blowing Hotel Concept

Software: 3Ds Max, Photoshop

Here, one can immediately see why this picture got a spot on the list of our best renderings. This oceanside hotel complex looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The extravagant geometry of the buildings, dark colors, and stormy weather create an incredibly dramatic atmosphere. The CGI specialist who worked on this realistic exterior rendering absolutely nailed the depiction of the intricate origami-like architecture. And with warm light coming from the inside, the hotel complex seems very welcoming and safe amidst the storm.

#7. Digitally Resurrected Metabolist Complex in Tokyo

3D Visualization of an Ambitious Retro-Futuristic Project

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This 3D render shows an unimplemented concept designed in the 1960s by Kenzo Tange, a famous Japanese architect. He created this design as a redevelopment plan for the whole Tsukiji district of Tokyo. The project is a prominent example of Metabolist architecture, which combines ideas about man-made megastructures with those of organic biological growth. But, as with many of the most ambitious concepts in this style, this one never came to be. So, our senior 3D artist decided it would be a great idea to recreate this design at least digitally, using computer graphics.

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To give the viewers a proper understanding of the huge scale of the compound, the 3D artist chose the rooftop of a nearby building as a viewpoint. That allows us to see this massive retro-futuristic structure towering over modern-day surroundings. Also, the specialist adjusted the rising sun in the CG image so that the complex would be basking in sunlight, while the neighboring objects would stay in the shadow. Overall, he created a highly impressive picture — one of the best renderings ever produced at ArchiCGI.

#8. Incredibly Photorealistic 3D Render of a Business Center

Incredibly Photorealistic 3D Render of an Office Building

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This CG image is pushing photorealism to the next level. Here, the CGI expert incorporated the 3D model of an office building into a real photo of a street. And, well, the business center looks like it absolutely belongs there. We can also see that the structures in the background look a little subdued. That puts an even greater emphasis on the main architectural object in the picture.

The place is quite busy inside — there are people in the offices on every floor, which adds to the realism as well. But the best things about this rendering are definitely the lighting and the reflections. On the building itself and in the puddles on the ground, we can see every light from the street lamps and every cloud reflected perfectly. It makes this 3D render so photorealistic that one can smell the freshness of a rainy day just by looking at it.

#9. Digital Visualization of a Modern House in the Desert

High-Quality 3D Visualization of a Stylish Prairie House

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

This CG image of a modern prairie house got on our list of best renderings for two reasons. The first one is the impeccable technical execution, which one can see for themselves. And the second one is the amazingly strong character of the design and the way the 3D artist managed to depict it.

The geometry of the house is all about straight lines. With its overall horizontal shape, the building is close to the ground, which allows it to blend with the surroundings. Plus, the earth tones in the color scheme of this exterior strengthen the effect as well. At the same time, the house looks extremely sturdy, as if it’s the only thing that could survive in this desert besides the abundant cacti. Overall, the building has the feel of the ultimate sanctuary and comfort in the blazing heat. That creates a calm atmosphere in this CG image, making it absolutely magnetic.

#10. Renderings of an Innovative Residential Complex in Luxembourg

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop, AutoCAD

These 3D renderings were created for a contest, so the CGI expert had the freedom to experiment with different materials for the exteriors. He chose cellular polycarbonate for the walls, which is very unusual for residential buildings. That gave the Minimalist houses this soft glow coming from the inside, which we can see in the nighttime render. And the motion blur streak from a passing car’s rear lights added some contrast to the CG image, making it look more interesting. At the same time, the daytime render looks captivating as well, showing the futuristic structures amidst beautiful nature. So, no wonder we consider these visuals some of our best renderings.

#11. CG Render of a Luxurious Villa on the Coast of a Spanish Lake

Photorealistic CGI of an Elegant Minimalist Residence

Software: 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop

Last but not least, we have this marvelous 3D render of a luxurious beach villa. The building is designed in the Minimalist style, with a focus on providing breathtaking views. That’s why there are glass walls facing the water, as well as some parts of the surrounding territory. The sunset setting and the angle really bring out the best qualities of this architectural concept. Namely, its elegance, simplicity, and serenity. Looking at this CG image, one can actually imagine sitting on that large open terrace at sundown, feeling the breeze.

Those were our studio’s best renderings of 2020. We hope that you loved them as much as we do! As you can see, there are no limits to expression when it comes to architectural CGI. Professional 3D artists can help architects and designers visualize their concepts, however complex and unusual they might be.

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