Townhouse 3D Visualization

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Townhouse 3D Visualization

Your gateway to more impactful presentations and powerful marketing.


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See How 3D Renderings Can Elevate Your Townhouse Designs

Discover the significant benefits of opting for high-quality townhouse 3D visualization.

Create Stunning Project Presentations

Showcase your townhouse designs from any angle, with different lighting, in unparalleled quality.

Boost Property Marketing and Sales

Increase prospects’ engagement and buying confidence in pre-sale campaigns.

Offer Customization of House Design

Allow your clients to see how your houses can be modified according to their preferences.

Easy Start and Great Result

We will help with whatever your project goals are. We can show your concept based on references, convey your design with accuracy and detail based on blueprints. Just send us the materials you have, and we will provide you with first-class visuals.

Exterior Townhouse 3D Visualization

Choose the perfect angles to demonstrate exterior design, outdoor amenities, and neighborhood features.

Aerial View

Use a bird’s-eye view of a townhouse complex as a comprehensive presentation of its scale and surrounding landscape.

Street View

Showcase the outside look of your townhouses to give potential homeowners a better idea of the lifestyle in the neighborhood.

3D Townhouse Drawings

Bridge the gap between technical precision and curated aesthetic with these informative and appealing visuals.

Dollhouse Visualization

Offer a unique and eye-catching demonstration of a townhouse concept with a detailed section view of the building.

3D Floor Plans

Provide viewers with detailed floor layouts of your townhouses to help them understand the dimensions and flow of the property.

360 Townhouse View

Allow potential buyers to examine a property’s exterior and adjacent territory from every angle in a fun, interactive way.

Interior Townhouse 3D Visualization

Showcase room interiors styled to appeal to your ideal customer.

Living Room

Highlight the interior of the living room — the heart of every house.


Visualize comfortable and stylish bedroom designs of your townhouses.


Present the interplay of design and practicality of the kitchen spaces.


Demonstrate bathroom layouts with 3D instead of complex technical drawings.

3D Townhouse Animation

Take the viewers on a visual journey, allowing them to appreciate the design and experience the flow of the property.

3D Virtual Tour

Let prospects explore every room at their own pace with this easy-to-use interactive tool.

Custom Variations

Help your clients discover and choose customization options to create their perfect home.

  • Before-TownhouseA
    Before TownhouseA After

  • Before-Townhouse
    Before Townhouse After

Our Streamlined Workflow


To begin a project, send us your requirements and reference materials.


Review and comment on intermediate results; request corrections, if necessary.


Reach new heights with showstopping 3D rendering for hospitality projects.

Your best choice of 3D rendering partner

Our seamless collaboration process ensures quick turnaround times and provides multiple opportunities for reducing expenses while allowing you to showcase your hotels with visually striking CGI. 

Library of stylish 3D models

Our studio has its own collection of over 70,000 models of furniture and decor items in all kinds of interior styles. Those are real products from real brands, and you can use them in your projects without any extra fees. This way, you get to save tremendous amounts of time, money, and effort.

Design acumen

ArchiCGI’s 3D artists have substantial knowledge of interior design aesthetics. That allows them to create magazine-worthy visuals with no more input from you than mood boards and style references. So, you don’t need to be involved in the process every step of the way to get stunning results. 

State-of-the-art CRM system

We’ve designed a custom project management platform, where you can: 

  • communicate directly with your team;
  • track task progress and payments;
  • exchange and store files;
  • annotate drafts to request changes.

Payment transparency

At ArchiCGI, we offer a transparent payment system that allows you to easily keep track of your transactions and leaves no room for hidden fees. Also, you can download documents for accounting purposes at any time using our CRM system.

What Our Clients Say about Us

We are very proud of how our services help our partners succeed. Below you will find some of the feedback they left about us on

What does a brief include?

To get a 3D rendering project started, you need to send the CGI studio a set of materials – such as floor plans, materials specifications, and style references. Need the full list of files and details required? Download the brief.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Townhouse 3D Visualization

What materials do I need to provide you with to begin the project?
Generally, you can send us any kind of references you have. These may range from architectural drawings and sketches to mood boards and even video briefings. Сoncearning the formats, ideally, we would prefer CAD or any other vector files for plans and drawings, and stl, 3ds, max, obj — for 3D models.
How much time can a townhouse 3D visualization project take?
Typically, turnaround time is 1 week for exterior rendering projects and 48-64 hours for exterior. The exact TAT, however, may differ based on the requirements for your particular project. You can also apply for an on-time guarantee, which means that if we don’t deliver the visualizations within the discussed deadline, you will get your 3D renders free of charge.
What if my project is urgent?
Our studio has over 500 CG artists, who can adjust their workflow to work overtime or even on weekends, if necessary. However, you need to consider the rendering time and let us know of the urgency at least 12 hours before the deadline
What is the cost of a townhouse 3D visualization project?
The price for 3D rendering services depends greatly on the specific requirements of a project. Contact us via the form below to learn the exact cost of your CGI. The project can be fully pre-paid or with a 50-50 system — before and after you get your renders. Also, it’s important to note that corrections that are less than 60% of the workload are completely free.

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