Realistic 3D Floor Plan Visualization

3D Floor Plan Visualization

A powerful asset for enhanced marketing of presale real estate.


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Realistic Look

Unlike regular floor plan drawings, 3D floor plans depict spaces in a realistic way. That allows viewers to better understand the layout and flow of a property, and see if the particular arrangement of rooms fits their requirements.

Enhanced Perception

Three-dimensional floor plans make it much easier for viewers to comprehend the dimensions of every room. And the visualization of interior furnishings provides them with design ideas that will maximize the property’s potential.

Unique Aesthetic

3D floor plans instantly capture the attention of prospects and make them spend more time on listings. Plus, CGI allows you to develop a unique visual style that will set your listings and ads apart from the competition.

Dollhouse 3D rendering provides high-quality images that allow viewers to see both the interior and the surroundings of a building.

Photorealistic section views allow for better communication and understanding among project stakeholders.

Dollhouse renders make great real estate marketing visuals that instantly draw the attention of potential buyers or tenants.

Impeccable Accuracy

We create 3D floor plan visualization based entirely on your drawings. Our CG artists recreate all the details and measurements with precision, so your visuals are 100% accurate.

Top View 3D Floor Plan Rendering

What You Get with 3D Floor Plan Visualization

The use of floor plan renders broadens your marketing possibilities, allowing you to achieve greater success in your presale campaigns.

Angle View 3D Floor Plan Rendering

Eye-Catching Marketing Visuals

With 3D floor plans, your ads and social media posts really stand out from the crowd, generating interest among prospects.

3D Floor Plan Render for Listing

Unlimited Interior Designs

3D visualization allows you to have your floor plans virtually staged in a great variety of styles. You can pick products and materials that will appeal specifically to your target audience.

3D Floor Plan Rendering for Website

Informative Listings

This type of 3D rendering provides viewers with crucial information about a property’s dimensions and layout in a way that is easy to understand.

3D Floor Plan Visualization for Listing

Diverse Options

When choosing between several units within the same building, prospects might find it difficult to tell them apart. You can easily help them by getting floor plan renders with distinct looks.

Your Seamless Workflow with ArchiCGI

Set the Task

Start a project with us by sending us your requirements, drawings, and style references.

Review the Renders

Use our convenient CRM system to check intermediate results and give notes to your team.

That’s It!

Get stylish 3D floor plan visualizations to wow prospects across all of your marketing channels.

What should be in the brief?

To get a 3D floor plan visualization project started, you need to send us a set of materials, such as drawings, style references, material specifications, etc. Need the full list of files and details required? Download the brief template.

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Our Cost-Saving Practices

At ArchiCGI, we offer you ways to significantly reduce your project costs. By choosing our studio, you get the best deal on the market.

We provide you with access to our library of 70,000+ ready-to-use 3D models. They include furniture, appliances, and decor items that you can use in your renders free of any extra charge. By doing that, you reduce the scope of 3D modeling work and, as a result, minimize your project cost.

If you order 3D floor plan visualization in bulk, you can also get a discount rate for your projects. In such cases, the special rates are calculated individually based on the specifics of your tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3D floor plan?
A 3D floor plan is a CG image that shows a property layout in a realistic way. These visuals can provide a top-down or a side view. In most cases, floor plan renders depict virtually staged rooms.
Why should I use 3D floor plan visualization in my practice?
If you want to make your listings and various marketing materials more eye-catching and informative, you should consider using 3D floor plan visuals. They attract prospects’ attention and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of a property’s layout and dimensions.
How accurate are 3D floor plans in representing actual dimensions?
3D floor plans are precisely based on 2D drawings of a place. Therefore, they accurately represent the sizes and proportions of rooms to scale.
How long does it take to create a 3D floor plan rendering?
It takes 1-2 work days to complete a 3D floor plan rendering. But at ArchiCGI, we have the capacity to create numerous renderings at the same time, so you can get a whole batch of visuals in that same timeframe.
How can 3D floor plans help in pre-selling a property?
3D floor plans allow prospects to easily visualize the crucial aspects of a place, such as its scale and possible furniture layouts. Also, they can be virtually staged in any interior style you think will best appeal to your target audience. As a result, these informative and inspiring visuals can help potential buyers make more confident decisions about a purchase.

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