Architectural 3D animation can produce stellar results at design presentations. Possibilities of 3D are expanding each year, and high-quality CGI can be made indistinguishable from real-life videos. If entire movies can be made in 3D, imagine what kind of impression it can make on the clients.

What a tool is capable of is one story, though. How you utilize it is another story. As an architectural animation studio we know how and why 3D footage can benefit you. Let’s find out how to make the most out of CGI!

Architectural 3D Animation For Presentations

#1. Modern Standards Require New Technologies

Nowadays having a cohesive plan, good skills and ideas for design presentations is not enough to impress clients or investors. A bunch of images and sketches won’t do – you need architectural 3D animation. After all, keeping up with technological progress is crucial in exterior design business – you wouldn’t like to be left behind and miss all the good stuff, would you?

#2. 3D Animation Demonstrates Your Projects In Detail

In order to convince people that your design is worth it, you have to convince them that every nook and cranny of the future building is thoroughly thought out. Architectural 3D animation can show every element of the design in detail – 4K Ultra HD footage is meant for that purpose. When skeptics are able to examine pores in concrete inch by inch, you bet they’ll have you greenlit!

Immerse clients into your design projects with a 3D animation

#3. Interactivity Is Entertaining

Have you ever watched a movie in IMAX 3D or played a VR game? If you did, can you say what was the most thrilling thing about it? Most likely it was the fact that people can be immersed in the process, not just sit and lazily gobble up snacks. Architectural 3D animation can give provide an entertaining interactive experience. The viewers of your animated presentation could “fly” through the floors of the building or circle around it. A jaw-dropping experience, for sure.

#4. 3D Is the Best Option For Visualizing Ideas

The best thing about professional architectural rendering is that it can show things that don’t exist in real life yet. Shooting videos and editing them takes months, and requires real props. You, on the other hand, have the idea, not a finished building. And here comes architectural 3D animation – your design is still virtual, but now it can be seen in full glory.

#5. CGI Can Be Reused

CG content can be reused with minimal editing effort – after all, it is digital information. Architectural 3D animation is no exception. Think of it as a sequence of renders that can be customized in whatever way you need it to be. This versatility will allow you to save up on presentation materials, so you can relocate remaining budget to other goals.

Complete the brief for your perfect 3D animation easily

Architectural 3D animation shines when it comes to presentations. 3D visuals are versatile, cost effective and impressive – what more could you ask for? If you want to attract investors to your projects, we’ll provide you with high quality CGI tailored for any design purposes. Get your animated renders today with our professional 3D architectural animation services!

Irma Prus
Content Writer, Copywriter

Irma writes articles and marketing copy for ArchiCGI. Her dream is that more people discover the power of CGI for architecture. Irma is into neuromarketing, ruby chocolate and Doctor Who series.